Naucharts Ltda. Your best Shipchandler Companny in Colombia.

Naucharts Ltda.

Naucharts Ltda is maritime service Company specializing in the provision of general provisions, bond stores, ship supplies, spare parts, lubricants, bunker supplies and leading technical maritime brands through the ports of Colombia South America. Since 2003, Naucharts Ltda has strived to be a trusted partner to our customers.

Over the years, we are proud to have served Container vessels, tankers, bulk carries, cruise and ferry fleets, fishing vessels, military and navy vessels and offshore platforms, and dredges.

Naucharts Ltda is a Ship chandler Company Certified in ISO 9001:2008 by Icontec since the year 2012 that provides best-in-class products and superior services to the shipping and offshore industry, we strive to create solutions that deliver value to our customers. We offer a suite of logistical services, storage and handling services to all our customers.

+575 373 71 44
+57 316 554 03 46 (Available 24 hours)
+57 312 613 10 46 (Available 24 hours)
Cra 38 # 74 - 336 Piso 2, Barranquilla Colombia
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